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   Zenath Paper Traders LLC

Zenath Paper started in 1988 mainly with the aim of making recycling a commercially viable option. The core activity is sourcing of paper waste, cardboards and exporting to Paper Mills in other countries as well as in domestic market. The company purchases different type of waste paper materials such as OCC, NCC, POC, MIX WASTE, ONP, and CPO from various Printing Press, Packaging Companies and Supermarkets in UAE. The company exports more than 110,000 MT of Paper waste every year. The company has warehousing facility in Al - Qusais, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Al Ain and in Abu Dhabi and has branch offices (Operation) in Muscat, Dammam, Riyadh, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Bahrain, Doha and Egypt.

Type of Recycling
The collected paper waste is sent to the paper mills and being used as a raw material instead of Pulp for production of fresh papers. The main reason is to minimize the waste and reuses it instead of dumping it.

Waste Source /Type
Most of the waste is being collected from Printing Press and from the supermarkets in and around UAE. The company has its own street collection labors for the collection of materials in the streets of UAE. Mainly the waste is paper and cardboards which is non hazardous and collected for the purpose of reducing waste and recycling it.

Zenath Paper Traders LLC
Tel: +971 04 2713006
Fax: +971 04 2713003
Email: vyas@etazenath.com

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